AMC Unika 5″ Touch Screen Keypad


Unika is the new AMC touchscreen keypad with 5-inches screen and ABS thin cover.

It is equipped with an intuitive graphical interface user friendly.

With just few steps you can manage all the functions of the keypad.

Large screen and cool design make the Unika keypad a UNIQUE product up to date.




  • Display 5 inch TFT high resolution (480 x 272).
  • User friendly icons interface.
  • SD card reader for image loading, FW upgrading.
  • NFC reader for smart-phone recognising.
  • Microphone and speaker.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Vocal memo.
  • Alarm clock function.
  • Photo frame screen-saver.
  • Thin cover.
  • Wall installation.
  • Compatible with K Series, X Series, X64gprs, XR800 control panels.
  • Dimensions: 155 (W) x 100 (H) x 18 mm (D).