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Access Control

Selecting the right access control system can be very overwhelming with all the different products and trying to figure out what areas you want to be restricted.

Our company has years of experience making sure we can help you with all of these questions that you might have. Our company knows what products will protect you, how long the system will take to install and we can figure out the best doors to have proximity card/fob reader units installed on to secure an area.

All the systems we install have software that enables you the user to track building management of people coming and going. You can restrict individuals to zoned areas by assigning them, programmed key cards or key fobs. The benefit of this is so you can grant the cards times to work with the reader. Since most businesses have staff working different hours these days you can have full control to see who is coming and going and at what times. You will also be able to set individual cards to work around the hours you specify.

Give us a call or drop by the shop to talk to one of our friendly staff about your specific requirements.