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Master Key Systems

By definition, master keying is defined as the process of two or more different keys operating a lock or a group of locks. It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small system. If, for example, an office building has several office door locks where each one is operated on a different key, a building master key can operate all of these locks.

A master key system adds convenience to a building with many suites, hotels, schools, universities, warehouses, airports, and hospitals. The convenience of a master key system is necessary for janitorial services, management, maintenance, and of course emergencies. In these cases, only one or two keys can be used instead of a large key ring consisting of every key in a building.

With some master key systems, sub-master keys can be made to open individual departments within a corporation. This further adds more convenience to a master key system. For additional security, locks and keys can be generated on a restricted keyway. This type of system will prevent employees from having keys duplicated.

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